Monday, December 5, 2011

Critical Thinking in Histo Presto

Critical thinking is of value in how we approach issues of Means and Methods in the hands-on practice of conservation of the built environment.

It encourages curiosity as well as a willingness to question our own acquired assumptions and beliefs before we move forward and touch, cut, alter, interface with and otherwise adjust heritage fabric.

Those who have a tendency to avoid failure tend to ask many diverse questions and to move forward in incremental steps. Think, then verify, cautiously.

But there comes a point where the pattern of question and verification needs to be set aside and an action taken. A goal is to discover the optimal point of invasive action. Not too far to one side or the other, a balance.

To have a good team helps.

It is at this point where one of us takes the screwdriver and puts it in the electric socket in hopes that the current was actually turned off.

Work safe.

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