Wednesday, March 23, 2011

PCLS: What do we do?

I am often asked what it is that we do. Usually I say, "We make holes," which makes people either think I am an idiot for saying that, or that I think they are the idiots and cannot handle a more complete explanation. People who have known me for years still ask me what it is that we do, and the explanation must sound like a rambling nonsense of details and qualifications of details. We do stuff, we make holes.

We make holes because we really enjoy finding out what is in them, and in helping our professional friends find out what is in the holes that we make. There is something fascinating about discovery.. like finding a time capsule buried in a corner stone of a building... and it is all the more fun if the hole making and the discovery has a value toward the future retention and health of an historic structure.

But we don't just simply make holes. Maybe it is that we make smart holes, sometimes they do prove to be smarter than us. But all told, where the non-destructive testing stops, or needs a nudge into the next dimension of accuracy, we are there ready and willing to make smart holes.

You will find the vid easier on the eyes in full screen mode.

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