Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Selling and Business Acumen Training

From Selling Power, Daily Report
Ray Green, Co-Founder - ParadigmLearning

This is a series of videos on the subject of selling and business acumen. An emphasis is placed on the need to understand business models and cash flow in particular in order for sales people to better partner with customers through a depth of realization of the customer's business strategies and initiatives.

Our business as consultants with tools is a small one with a very particular niche in the historic preservation industry. We wear all of the hats of a business and do not have a separate sales force, marketing, operations or financial departments. Our silo is full of a mish-mash of ingredients. We are all rolled into one. We need to understand our cash flow and our financials and to handle marketing and sales and operations all together every day-to-day.

Regardless, it has always proven to our benefit to understand how larger business organizations perceive their operations and market environments and for us to learn from their knowledge and experience.

Ray Green Part 1

Ray Green Part 2

Ray Green Part 3

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